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Thank God for Broken Crystal Balls

Welcome to My Blog! A place to ponder what it means to be a genuine and generous leader.

As a kid, I always thought it would be cool to have a crystal ball so I could see into the future. Through my innocent young eyes, I always believed that my future would be brighter than my present. However, I’m so thankful I didn’t have a crystal ball in 2019 because it would’ve revealed that my Big Law job of twenty years would be eliminated in an instant, less than a year after returning from maternity leave and that I'd have to pack up my office that day and leave without getting to properly say goodbye to colleagues and friends. It would've also revealed that I’d naively start my very first business just before a multi-year global pandemic with a toddler at home and no plan for childcare! But if I'd known exactly what was coming, I wouldn’t have had the courage to lean into my fears and make bold moves because it would've felt too overwhelming and scary.

Thank God for broken crystal balls.

Throughout my professional career, I've been on a mission to cultivate and nurture genuine and generous leaders, people who aren’t afraid to lead with their head and their heart. Quite simply, the world needs more people brave enough to lead companies, nonprofits, schools, and communities with purpose, power, and passion. As a Leadership and Transition Coach, I'm energized by the opportunity to support leaders who are committed to this intention, especially in times of stress and transition. I'm thankful for the chance to more narrowly focus my energy and sharpen a skillset I've not yet been able to fully nurture. There hasn't yet been a day that I've regretted my decision to make this change and I'm excited about what the future holds.

Your Future

What does your crystal ball reveal in your future? If you want it to happen, what steps are you taking to make it a reality? If you want to prevent it, what might you start doing differently today?

How can I support you as a leader? I invite you to schedule a complimentary 60-minute coaching session so we can explore the possibilities!

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