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Who I Coach

Who says you can’t lead with your head and your heart?


Being a compassionate leader and problem solver usually provides you with a sense of purpose and satisfaction that deeply enriches your life. But on the days when you are depleted from putting everyone else first, it is hard to serve others because your well is simply dry.

Maybe you’re a leader who wants to better connect with the people you lead so you can truly unlock their potential.  Maybe you want to build a more equitable and inclusive team, resolve conflict more effectively, improve your time management skills, or unearth a greater sense of purpose for yourself and those you lead.

Or perhaps you are a soul sourced leader who is battling the little voice inside your head telling you that you should be doing more, making more, being more. The voice that expects perfection and excellence in all aspects of your life. All. The. Time. The one that believes failure is a fault. The voice that makes you feel like an imposter or question whether you will be accepted at work or at home if you are truly and authentically yourself.

I empower mid-career leaders like you who want to lead lives of intention without sacrificing themselves in the process and who want to navigate career transitions and challenges with resilience, strength, and authenticity.

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